Change4all platform was first established in 2015 as a node of information and content on Greece and the European struggles against austerity.

The primary urge to create this platform was as a medium of mobilization against the fear and deception campaigns launched by European elites and corporate media, and the asphyxiation that undemocratic neo-liberal extremist “institutions” imposed on the Greek people, on the EU periphery, and on the global South. 

Moreover, Change4all had the chance to become an integral part of vital political campaigns of the last years such as helping internationalise the Greek referendum, the Refugees Solidarity movement, and spreading the news about refugee and migrant solidarity across Europe.

Today, Change4all provides an interactive and participative platform that will host the voices of the movements, endorse participation, support mobilization, and enhance interaction.

  1. The platform has been updated with a fresh and validated mapping of 400+ solidarity structures and alternative media organizations across Europe.
  2. Each structure has its own profile and can upload news that will be displayed on their public profile and as part of the platform’s aggregated news feed.
  3. In the near future, new features will be implemented and new processes will be proposed that will enhance and assist the cooperation between solidarity structures. The end goal would be the transition of the platform to a self-governed online community based on democracy and internationalism.

This project is facilitated by transform!europe and is actively supported by a group of activists and digital/IT professionals.